Denise Woodard

Denise Woodward

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Denise Woodard has found the sweet side of food allergies. After her daughter was diagnosed with FPIES and multiple food allergies, buying safe and tasty snacks was not so easy — so she started making her own. Denise is now the founder of Partake Foods, a line of top 8 allergen-free mini cookies that are made with simple ingredients from safe suppliers. Denise lives with her family in New Jersey where she is working to expand Partake to include even more delicious snacks for families with and without food allergies.

1. Silver lining of having a child with food allergies?

Managing Vivienne's food allergies has made my family a lot more conscious of the foods we eat, and in turn, we all eat much healthier and try to source local foods whenever possible. I was forced to look at labels on everything and realized that a lot of the "clean" foods I previously ate weren't that "clean" after all!

2. Your go-to favorites for food allergies?

Partake Foods :) Other than our Mini Cookies, we also really like products from Little Duck Organics and Beanfields Chips

When we travel, we really love the Ritz Carlton. They have made every stay we've had with Vivienne an absolute pleasure, with the chef making a point to chat with my husband and me to ensure we're comfortable. They've even gone as far as making things that aren't on the menu, so she's not forced to eat the same meal every day and can still enjoy fun kids' foods.

3. Mothering style in three words

Advocative, affectionate, devoted.

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