DePauw University


Location: Greencastle, IN
Disability Services: 
📞 765-658-6267
✉️️ studentdisabilityservices@


Natalie Brunini



Allergies: Milk
Class: 2020
Major: Communications
Post Graduation Plans: I would like to do something involving media.
Dining Hall: Hoover Dining Hall. DePauw is very conscious of allergies. They carry lots of gluten-free, vegan, and other allergy-friendly options. 

Natalie's Tip:

✔️️ Make yourself aware of your options and what's available on campus. Asking those who work in the cafeteria can be extremely helpful if you're unsure if they cater to your allergy - I didn't find out we had dairy-free milk until nearly the end of first semester! 


Natalie's Top Picks on Campus


Hoover Dining Hall: They cater to many different allergies and have plenty of options, which makes eating there extremely easy. For example, they offer vegan pizza, veggie burgers and gluten-free bread.

📍 719 S Locust St, Greencastle, IN 46135  |   📄 Hoover Dining Hall Info


The Blend: Lots of different choices (almond milk, soy milk, coconut water) that make it easy to order a smoothie without worrying about allergens.


📍 719 S Locust St, Greencastle, IN 46135   |   📄 The Blend Info



Starbucks: Many dairy-free options!


📍 2 E Washington St, Greencastle, IN 46135  |   📄 Starbucks' Menu


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