Mason Dixon Bakery β€” Huntsville, Alabama


The Backstory: While studying chemistry in college, Ashley was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and experiments with gluten-free baking led her and her husband to open Alabama's first gluten-free and allergy-friendly bakery.
Always Free From: Gluten/Wheat
Other Free From Options: Dairy, Egg, Soy, Rice, Corn, Potato
Shipping Available? Yes
Spokin Tip: Every menu item has a list of allergens it is free from.


Gluten Free Creations β€” Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona


The Backstory: Gluten Free Creations was founded in 2001 to specifically help people with celiac disease enjoy great tasting food.
Always Free From: Gluten, Wheat
Other Free From Options: Peanuts, Tree Nut, Egg, Milk, Soy, Corn
Shipping Available? Yes


Jewel's Bakery and Cafe β€” Phoenix, Arizona


The Backstory:
Always Free From:
Other Free From Options:

Treehouse Bakery

Phoenix, Arizona

The Backstory: This bakery offers options for vegans, but everyone will enjoys their scrumptious food, regardless of dietary needs.

Always Free From: Dairy | Eggs | Vegan

Other Free From Options: Gluten

Dempsey Bakery β€” Little Rock, Arkansas


The Backstory: After three generations of Dempseys could not eat gluten, Paula Dempsey set out to create a bakery that serves delicious gluten free treats.

Always Free From: Gluten, Wheat, Milk, Peanut, Tree Nut, Soy

Other Free From Options: dairy, egg

Spokin Tip: All cupcakes are dairy free.


Rachel's Cakes

Burlingame, California

The Backstory: After growing up baking with her family, Rachel decided to turn her love for food into a business of her own.

Always Free From: Peanut | Tree Nut

Spokin Tip: Place your cake orders at least a week in advance!


Rising Hearts Bakery

Culver, California

The Backstory:  This SoCal bakery aims to create a worry-free place for people with food intolerances to indulge in some sweet treats!

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Egg

Other Options: Kosher


Breakaway Bakery

Los Angeles, California

The Backstory: After not being able to eat a birthday cake her daughter ordered, Janice set out to create delicious treats she could enjoy in a gluten free life.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Peanut | Tree Nut | Soy

Other Options: Vegan



Sensitive Sweets

Fountain Valley, California


The Backstory: After finding out her son had multiple allergies, the owner was inspired to create a birthday cake he could still enjoy, which turned into creating a bakery he could enjoy!

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut | Tree Nut

Other Free From Options: corn, dairy, egg


Sweet Alexis Bakery

San LuisObispo, California


The Backstory: After Alexis was born with life threatening food allergies, her mother began baking treats Alexis could eat, and turned her passion into a business.

Always Free From: Egg | Dairy | Peanut | Tree Nut 

Other Options: Gluten free


Let Them Eat Cake

Denver, Colorado


The Backstory:  After living with multiple food allergies, this family opened this bakery to share their allergy friendly food.

Always Free From: Wheat | Dairy | Peanut | Tree Nut | Soy | Egg | Yeast | Seeds | Potato | Corn

Spokin Tip:  They use a lot of coconut products.


Make Believe Bakery

Denver, Colorado


The Backstory: This dedicated vegan bakery always strives to be as allergy friendly as possible, so let them know about your dietary restrictions.

Always Free From: Dairy | Egg 

Other Free From Options:  gluten

Outside the Breadbox

Colorado Springs, Colorado


The Backstory: While the bakery was founded in 2003, the bakers have been baking gluten free goods since 1984, proving an expertise in the art of celiac friendly goods.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut | Tree Nut 

Other Options: Egg-free and Vegan

Spokin Tip: Check ingredient labels for allergens other than gluten or nuts.

Izzi B's Allergen Free Bakery

Norwalk, Connecticut


The Backstory:  Owner and chef Pam decided to open her own bakery after her daughter was diagnosed with food allergies and Pam couldn't find a decent allergen friendly cupcake for her.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Peanut | Tree Nut | Soy | Eggs | Casein 

Other Options: Vegan, Celiac friendly, Kosher

Dee's One Smart Cookie

Glastonbury, Connecticut


The Backstory: After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Diane 'Dee' Kittle, an accomplished pastry chef and sugar artist, opened Dee's One Smart Cookie.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Peanut | Tree Nut | Soy

Other Options: Egg-free and Vegan

Spokin Tip: Wednesday is Egg-Free/Vegan Day and most products are Corn-Free! 

Stacy's Gluten Free Goodies

Tampa, Florida


The Backstory: Stacy’s son had developmental problems that turned out to be related to food sensitivities, she started this bakery to help her son and other families!

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Peanut | Tree Nut | Soy | Egg

Other Free From Options: chickpeas, garbanzo, corn

Spokin Tip: 

Erin McKenna's Bakery

Orlando, Florida ~ Los Angeles, California ~ NYC, New York


The Backstory: This bakery was created as a haven for people who cannot enjoy typical treats due to dietary restrictions or allergies, because the owners thought this was unfair and everyone deserves a sweet treat!

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Soy | Egg Refined sugar

Other Free From Options: Peanuts, tree nuts, 

Spokin Tip: Coconut is used in almost every product. Check out their website for more allergen warnings and information.

Cake in the Box

Atlanta, Georgia


The Backstory: Cake in the Box became Atlanta's first totally nut free bakery, catering to people with or without food allergies because their treats are beloved by all.

Always Free From:  Peanut | Tree Nut 

Other Free From Options: Gluten, Dairy, Eggs

Abstruse Pastry Company

Flowery Branch, Georgia


The Backstory:  Chef Holly didn't like the idea of using refined flours and unnatural fillers in her baked goods, so she set out to create healthy and wholesome goods that are yummy and good for you.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut | Treenut | Soy | Coconut |

Other Free From Options: Dairy, eggs, corn

Gluten Free Cutie

Roswell, Georgia


The Backstory: After the owners' daughter was found to be allergic to gluten and dairy, Gluten Free Cutie was founded to create foods she and other children could enjoy.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut | Tree nuts | Egg 

Other Free From Options: Dairy

Spokin Tip: They do use coconut!

Sweet Marie's Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii


The Backstory:  After being diagnosed with Celiac Diease, Marie became dedicated to finding gluten free an allergy friendly ways to cook tasty food, leading her to open Sweet Marie's. 

Always Free From: Gluten 

Other Free From Options: Dairy, egg, soy

Sweet Ali's Gluten Free Bakery

Hinsdale, Illinois ~ Glenview, Illinois


The Backstory: After finding her son had Celiac Disease, Ali set out to create gluten free goods that were actually flavorful and delicious.

Always Free From: Gluten

Other Free From Options:  Dairy

Nutphree's Bakery

Elk Grove  Village, Illinois


The Backstory: Nutphree's was founded after the owner's son was diagnosed with severe nut allergies, and couldn't safely eat what other children enjoyed.

Always Free From: Peanut | Tree nuts

Spokin Tip: Check out there website to find which grocery stores in the Midwest stock their products.


Simple Taste

Carmel, Indiana


The Backstory: Simple Taste was founded to produce flavorful baked goods for people with food allergies and other dietary restrictions.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Yeast 

Other Free From Options: Peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, corn

Sweet Rewards Gluten Free Bakery

Waukee, Iowa


The Backstory:  When Michelle's husband had to begin eating gluten free, she started creating recipes that he would be able to eat, and eventually her efforts led to her opening a bakery.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy

Shana Cake

Topeka, Kansas ~ Lawrence, Kansas


The Backstory:  Shana Cake is named after the founder's daughter who has a severe gluten allergy, and her mom wanted to create a bakery where Shana could order anything off the menu.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Soy | Peanut Tree nuts | Corn |

Other Free From Options: Egg

Spokin Tip: Everything is also free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and GMOs. 

Mama Resch's, A Gluten Free Bakery

Overland Park, Kansas

mama r.jpg

The Backstory: Mama Resch's was founded because the owner's son had allergies that would not allow him to enjoy commercial gluten free products, and she wanted a place for him to enjoy baked goods.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Soy | Peanut Tree nuts | Corn

Other Free From Options: Egg

Annie May's Sweet Cafe

Louisville, Kentucky

annie mays.jpg

The Backstory:  At Annie May's, they believe that everyone should be able to indulge in a yummy treat, regardless of food allergies.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanuts | Soy | Tree nuts 

Other Free From Options: Coconut, egg

Raegamuffin's Gluten Free Bakery

Veazie, Maine


The Backstory: After Rachel was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, she took matters into her own hands and began developing recipes for truly tasty gluten free goods.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut | Tree nuts 

Other Free From Options: Egg, soy, dairy

One Dish Cuisine Bakery

Ellicott City, Maryland


The Backstory:  This bakery was inspired by a family member who had food allergies, and made the owner realize everyone deserved to enjoy delicious food.

Always Free From: Gluten | Oats | Soy | Egg Sesame | Peanuts | Tree nuts

Other Free From Options: Milk, dairy

Fancy Pants Bakery

Walpole, Massachusetts


The Backstory:  Pulled in by their love of cooking, Maura and Justin left their jobs to pursue their dream of owning a bakery!

Always Free From: Peanuts | Tree nuts

Spokin Tip: There are no GMOs or artificial colors used in this bakery!

Twist Bakery & Cafe

Millis, Massachusetts


The Backstory: This bakery was created as a place where food is always fresh, healthy, and allergy friendly.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut Tree nuts (except coconut)

Other Free From Options: dairy, egg, soy, coconut, fish and shellfish, sesame, yeast

Blacker's Bakeshop

Newton, Massachusetts


The Backstory: After running a cookie business for 20 years, owners Karen and Richard missed interacting with customers so they opened the Kosher/Pareve Blacker's Bakeshop.

Always Free From: Dairy | Peanut | Tree nuts

Other Free From Options: Egg, dairy

Motown Freedom Bakery

Detroit, Michigan


The Backstory:  Katie created Motown Freedom Bakery as a way to share her recipes that are healthy and allergy friendly.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Soy | Peanut Tree nuts | Egg |

Other Free From Options: Corn, sesame

Spokin Tip: Find Motown Freedom Bakery at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market on Saturdays, or have them deliver right to you!

The Bake Station

Farmington Hills, Michigan ~ Southfield, Michigan


The Backstory: Due to popular demand from regular customers as well as one friend's gluten free grandchild,  The Bake Station became completely nut free and also began a gluten free line.

Always Free From:  Peanut Tree nuts Dairy

Other Free From Options: Gluten

Tasty Bakery

Ann Arbor, Michigan


The Backstory:  After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Julie set out to open a bakery that would provide amazing gluten free products she would enjoy.

Always Free From: Gluten  | Soy 

Other Free From Options: Dairy, egg


New Day Gluten Free

Clayton, Missouri


The Backstory:  Owners Kelly and Garrett both do not eat gluten and neither do their daughters, so it only made sense to share their gluten free recipes by opening their own bakery and cafe.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut 

Other Free From Options: Dairy, soy, tree nuts, egg

Dreamy Desserts

Las Vegas, Nevada


The Backstory:  Inspired by the owner's son, who has nut allergies, Dreamy Desserts caters to those with food allergies who want a delicious treat they can enjoy.

Always Free From: Peanut Tree nuts 

Other Free From Options: Wheat, dairy, egg, soy, corn

Haven on Earth

Reno, Nevada


The Backstory:  Haven on Earth Bakery was founded with the goal of creating a bakery that was completely gluten free for people with gluten intolerances to safely enjoy a meal or snack. 

Always Free From: Gluten 

Other Free From Options: Dairy

GMK Cakes

Northvale, New Jersey


The Backstory: GMK, formerly known as Grandma's Kitchen, wants your special day to be perfect, so if that means allergy friendly they are happy to help!

Always Free From: Peanut Tree nuts 

Other Free From Options: gluten, dairy, egg

Spokin Tip: 

Mo'Pweeze Bakery

Denville, New Jersey


The Backstory:  After struggling to find allergy friendly foods that still tasted good, Mo'Pweeze was created to provide delicious goods that are top 8 free.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Soy | Peanut Tree nuts | Egg Sesame | Mustard

Other Free From Options: Rice, beans, sugar

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

Rutherford, New Jersey


The Backstory: This bakery recently celebrated it's tenth anniversary and is beloved for it's delicious and allergy friendly treats.

Always Free From: Egg | Dairy | Honey Casein

Other Free From Options: gluten, soy, peanut, tree nuts, coconut

Spokin Tip: Visit their website for more in depth allergen information.

Allie's GF Goodies

Hicksville, New York


The Backstory: After having a difficult time finding food she and her children could eat, Allie started her own bakery with desserts that taste good and can be enjoyed by those with food intolerances. 

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Peanut Tree nuts 

Other Free From Options: Egg

Baked Cravings

New York City, New York


The Backstory: Founded by two dads, Baked Cravings aims to create a delicious product that is not only allergy friendly but school friendly as well.

Always Free From:  Peanut Tree nuts | Sesame

Other Free From Options: Gluten

The Donut Pub

New York City, New York

donut pub.jpg

The Backstory: A classic NYC establishment since 1964, The Donut Pub is a 'Nut Aware' bakery, meaning they are very conscientious of their food allergic customers' needs.

Always Free From:  Peanut Tree nuts

Spokin Tip: The Donut Pub caters donuts for the Food Allergy Initiative luncheon!

Wallflour Bakery

Greensboro, North Carolina


The Backstory: Wallflour Bakery was founded to provide customers with healthy, natural treats that will satisfy anyone, whether they are gluten intolerant or not!

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy Soy | Egg

Other Free From Options: Peanuts, Tree nuts

Soodles Bake Shop

Columbus, Ohio


The Backstory: Soodles Bake Shop is dedicated to making baked goods that are top 8 free and tasty, so they can be enjoyed by many people, with allergies or without!

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Peanut Tree nuts | Egg | Soy | Sesame

Other Free From Options: Corn, sorghum, flaxseed, rice

Spokin Tip: They do use coconut.

Cherbourg Bakery

Columbus, Ohio


The Backstory: Cherbourg Bakery is dedicated to making the best products possible using fresh and natural ingredients, usually sourced locally. 

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut Tree nuts

Spokin Tip: Everything is also dye free!

Petunia's Pies & Pastries

Portland, Oregon


The Backstory:  After growing up baking with her family, Lisa opened up Petunia's to share her passion and allergy friendly recipes with the world.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Egg | Potato | Beans

Other free from options: Peanut, tree nuts, soy

Sweet Freedom Bakery

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Backstory:  Sweet Freedom's mission is to create a safe haven in Philadelphia for those with food intolerances, and so they create delicious treats without many allergens.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Egg Refined Sugar

Other Free From Options: Peanut, corn, soy, 

Spokin Tip: Visit their website for more in depth allergen information!

Sweet Megan Bakery

Southampton, Pennsylvania


The Backstory:  Sweet Megan Bakery was founded as a way to provide sweets that are cleaner and more health conscious than regular desserts, while being allergen friendly.

Always Free From: top 8 allergens

Other Free From Options:  preservatives, artificial dyes

Spokin Tip: Check out the Sweet Megan website to find which East Coast grocers stock their products!


A & J Bakery

Cranston, Rhode Island

a and j.jpg

The Backstory:  Amy and Joe founded their bakery in 2007, and since then have expanded multiple times and opened a dedicated gluten free and nut free facility.

Always Free From: Gluten | Peanut | Tree nuts Sesame

Other Free From Options: Dairy, egg, soy, yeast

Sans Gluten Artisan Bakery

Johnston, Rhode Island


The Backstory: Sans Gluten Artisan Bakery was founded by a doctor who has Celiac disease and wanted to create gluten free foods that taste just as good, if not better, than their glutenous counterparts. 

Always Free From: Gluten | Soy | Peanut Tree nut

Other Free From Options: Dairy, egg, 

Heart of the City Bakery

Parker, South Dakota


The Backstory:  Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to eat tasty desserts, Heart of the City Bakery has been providing allergy friendly goods since 2015.

Always Free From: Peanut | Gluten

Other Free From Options: Soy, dairy, egg, corn, tree nuts

Spokin Tip: Find them at the Falls Park Farmer's Market on Saturdays, May- October.

Vegan Vee Gluten Free Bakery

Nashville, Tennessee


The Backstory:  Vegan Vee's is dedicated to providing delicious and wholesome food for those with or without food sensitivities.

Always Free From: Gluten | Dairy | Egg | Peanut

Other Free From Options: Tree nuts, soy, 

Spokin Tip: They are only open Friday-Sunday, but check their website to find where else their products are stocked.

Unrefined Bakery

Dallas, Texas ~ Frisco, Texas ~ Rockwall, Texas ~ Fort Worth, Texas


The Backstory:  Created by a mother-daughter duo with multiple food intolerances, Unrefined Bakery is a fantastic place for those who want a treat that both tastes good and is good for you.

Always Free From: Gluten | Soy 

Other Free From Options: Egg, corn, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, yeast

Reverie Bakeshop

Richardson, Texas


The Backstory:  Reverie Bakeshop is founded on the belief that treats can be made of healthy, organic ingredients and still taste fantastic.

Always Free From: Dairy | Egg Refined sugar Artificial flavoring

Other Free From Options: gluten, raw vegan

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Grand Isle, Vermont


The Backstory:  After learning of their son's life threatening peanut allergy, Gail and Mark founded Vermont Nut Free Chocolates so that nut allergies would not prevent any child from enjoying chocolate.

Always Free From: Peanut | Tree nut | Sesame Coconut

Other Free From Options: Egg, gluten