How to Get An AUVI-Q

How to get an AUVI-Q for $0

On February 14, 2017 kaléo, the manufacturer of AUVI-Q (epinephrine injection USP), brought the AUVI-Q auto-injector back to the market. Equally exciting, they launched the AUVI-Q AffordAbility Program, a first-of-its-kind access program with the goal of guaranteeing that you get an AUVI-Q with your prescription (no generic substitutes) that has the most current expiration dates.

Through the program, all commercially-insured patients, including those with high-deductible plans, can get AUVI-Q through a direct delivery service, which fills your prescription and mails it right to your door. The program also provides access to support for patients who can't afford their medication and do not have commercial government insurance.* Follow the steps below to get your AUVI-Q for $0.

*Terms, conditions and quantity limits apply

Step One: Make sure AUVI-Q is right for you

If you qualify for the direct delivery service, download the enrollment form at Fill in your portion and take the form to your doctor.

Step Two: Follow up with your health care provider

If your doctor has not heard about AUVI-Q, inform him or her that it is available by prescription. Once you and your doctor decide AUVI-Q is right for you, have your doctor complete the enrollment form or prescribe AUVI-Q through their electronic medical records (EMR) system.

Step Three: Receiving AUVI-Q

Once your health care provider submits your enrollment form, prescription and insurance information, you will receive a phone call from the direct delivery service, which will appear as 844-357-3968 to confirm your prescription and shipment. To ensure you receive your product, you must answer the phone call or can proactively call 844-357-3968 to schedule your product for delivery.

If you are unsure if you qualify for the program or want to know the out-of-pocket cost, use the chart below.


For commercially-insured patients (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, United Health, etc.), the cost will be $0. This will cover up to 3 packs within a year's time. Each pack contains 2 live products and one trainer.

For uninsured patients with household income of less than $100,000: Kaléo has established the Kaléo Cares Patient Assistance Program to help patients in need. Those who qualify can receive up to three packs for $0 annually. Patients may get one pack per application, then after 30 days you can submit a new application for the second pack, then again, in 30 days, for the third. Medicaid patients may be eligible for Kaléo Cares as well. Go to their website to see eligibility requirements and download the Kaléo Cares Patient Assistance Program Form. A prescription, proof of annual income and your doctor's signature are required.


For patients who have neither commercial nor government insurance, AUVI-Q may be purchased at an out-of-pocket price of $360 by calling the direct delivery service at 844-357-3968.

Spokin Tip: Do not go to your local pharmacy to fill your prescription. If you do visit your local pharmacist, he or she may inadvertently charge you or substitute AUVI-Q with another epinephrine auto-injector. He or she may not understand that AUVI-Q is available and/or may not be familiar with the AUVI-Q AffordAbility Plan. Have the pharmacist call 1-877-30-AUVIQ and AUVI-Q will ensure it costs you $0. 

*For patients with government insurance (Medicare and TRICARE), Kaléo is not legally able to help with copays - coverage varies state by state. Call your insurance provider to check your coverage. Patients who are eligible for Medicaid coverage may be eligible for assistance to receive AUVI-Q at no cost.

Step Four: Refilling your prescription

Make sure you get all your AUVI-Q packs when you need them. You may find that your insurance plan limits the number of AUVI-Q cartons you receive in your first shipment. In this case, follow up in 30 days with the direct delivery service by calling 844-357-3968.

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