Easter and Passover


Easter and Passover holidays mean kids are busy hunting eggs and Afikoman (matzo), but families with food allergies are on a different kind of search. From finding allergy-safe chocolate bunnies to scoring the perfect eggless dessert for Sunday brunch or Seder, there is a lot to gather and get creative with. Luckily, Spokin has the resources to make the hunt easier.

For Easter, we've created candy guides for both the classics and top 8 allergen-free, a how-to on eggless egg decorating, and curated allergen-friendly recipes for Easter brunch, lunch or dinner. For Passover, we have allergen-free alternatives for your Seder plate and recipes that accommodate both observing the holiday and food allergies. Consider this your golden (allergy-friendly) egg to a safe Easter and Passover.

Easter + Passover Menus

Food takes center stage at holidays, but more than anything, it's about being with loved ones. The warmth and safety we feel on these special occasions should extend to the meal itself. We've curated recipes to swap out allergens that typically make an appearance at the Easter or Passover meal so the whole family can feel included. 

Easter Candy
Allergen Guide

One of the best parts of Easter is the candy, for kids and adults alike. We've gathered allergen information for the classic confections all in one place with alternatives that are top 8 allergen-free (and many that are also seed-free).

classic easter candy

Easter Classics

allergy-safe easter candy basket

Top 8 Allergen-Free Alternatives

food allergy friendly peeps

Free From:
Egg, Soy, Peanut, Tree Nut, Wheat/Gluten
May Contain: Milk
Allergen Information

food allergy friendly cadbury creme egg

Cadbury Creme Eggs
Free From:
Peanut, Tree Nut, Wheat/Gluten
Contains: Milk, Egg, Soy
Allergen Information

hershey's allergy friendly easter candy

Hershey's Chocolate Snapsy Bunny
Free From: Egg, Peanut, Tree Nut, Wheat/Gluten
Contains: Milk, Soy
Allergen Information

food allergy friendly m&ms

M&M's Easter Chocolate
Free From:
Egg, Wheat/Gluten, Tree Nut
Contains: Milk, Soy
May Contain: Peanuts
Allergen Information

jelly belly food allergy friendly

Jelly Belly Beans
Free From: Egg, Milk, Wheat/Gluten, Peanut
Some Flavors Contain: Soy, Tree Nut
Allergen Information

Spokin Tip: Allergens and cross-contamination warnings can change depending on the size of the candy. For example, fun-sized candies can be made on different lines than regular or king-sized versions. Always read food labels before eating.

Egg(less) Decorating

When it comes time to dye Easter eggs, those with egg allergies don't have to be left out of the fun. We've found three creative alternatives to help you safely decorate, egg-free.

egg nots food allergy friendly


These inedible dyeable ceramic eggs look and feel like the real deal. No boiling, refrigerating or cracking with these guys.

Eggnots was hatched by a woman who hated seeing her egg-allergic niece left out every Easter and decided to do something about it.

Egg Shape Sorter

For little ones with egg allergies, these mix and match sorting eggs are a great non-food Easter gift. Scramble them up to help them learn about shapes and their allergen - then get creative with permanent markers and stickers to add some festive flair.

food allergy friendly egg shape sorter
food allergy friendly easter eggs

Toy-Filled Easter Eggs

No candy, no worries. These bright plastic Easter eggs are filled with mini-cars, rings, squirt guns and so much more. Amazon offers plenty of options and inspiration to even make your own.