AUVI-Q Frequently Asked Questions

How to get an AUVI-Q for $0

Last month, we showed you How to Get AUVI-Q for $0. Now that AUVI-Q has returned to the market, more questions from families with food allergies have surfaced on how to get the popular auto-injector, as well as how their AffordAbility program works. We arrived at these answers through conversations with Kaleo. Please note that these questions and answers apply primarily to those covered by commercial insurance.

1. Can I get the AUVI-Q at CVS, Walgreens or the local pharmacy?

CVS, Walgreens and other local pharmacies have generally not been keeping AUVI-Q in stock. If your prescription is for AUVI-Q and says “no substitute” or DAW (dispense as written), the pharmacy is required to provide you an AUVI-Q. If they do not have AUVI-Q in stock, they can get it delivered to the pharmacy by calling AUVI-Q at 877-30-AUVIQ. You will then need to return to the pharmacy to pick it up.  

Spokin Note: There is evidence that several pharmacies are responding that they do not stock AUVI-Q and/or have told consumers that their insurance doesn’t cover the AUVI-Q. Know your rights and be prepared with the 877-30-AUVIQ number and insist that the pharmacist call. AUVI-Q staff is trained to support the pharmacists and to help ensure that you receive the AUVI-Q at $0 cost. 

2. Why are consumers getting only one pack when their prescription was for two?

There are several reasons why some consumers could be receiving only one pack of AUVI-Q when their physician prescribes multiple packs. 

Some consumers are only receiving one pack because certain insurance companies have a quantity limit. If your insurance company covers AUVI-Q, you may be subject to quantity limits, which restrict the number of packs you can have filled within a certain time frame, typically 30 days. There is no way to get around this restriction outside of paying the cash price of $360 for the second pack. AUVI-Q still guarantees that you will be able to receive up to six sets for $0 through their program, however, it may just have to be over a longer period of time. 

With the exceptionally high level of demand for AUVI-Qs since the products return to the market, and to ensure there is enough supply for everyone that needs one, Kaleo is temporarily asking patients if they have an immediate need for both sets when a representative calls to confirm their prescriptions. As of right now, anyone filling their prescription through the direct delivery service will be asked if they are able to receive just one. If the patient says they need two right away, AUVI-Q will be able to fulfill that need. If you opt for just one, AUVI-Q will then proactively reach out and send the second carton within the next 30 days. Supplies are constricted due to the exceptionally high demand, and Kaleo is only asking for this voluntary option delay delivery of one pack while Kaleo temporarily catches up with demand.

3. How do I get a refill and what is required? 

You can get a refill every 30 days. Call 844-357-3968 every 30 days to request your refill. You can receive up to six packs per year at $0 cost. There is no medical requirement needed for the refill.  

4. How long will the AUVI-Q for $0 program last? Does it apply only to the first set?  The first year? How many sets can I get for $0? 

Kaleo has no plans to terminate the AUVI-Q AffordAbility program. As insurance coverage evolves the device pricing is subject to change over time. AUVI-Q's primary goal is to keep costs as low as possible to ensure easy access to their life-saving product.

You can fill up to six sets per year at $0 cost. 

5. Should I contact my insurance company about getting the AUVI-Q?

No. There is no need to contact your insurance company if you have commercial insurance. Your cost is $0 whether your insurance covers it or not. You can check with your insurance provider to determine if there is a quantity limit, and if so, when is the soonest you will be able to get your second pack.

6. My prescription was for an AUVI-Q and the pharmacist wants to give me a generic Epipen or another alternative. What can I do?

If your script is for AUVI-Q and says “no substitute” or DAW (dispense as written), the pharmacy is required to provide you an AUVI-Q. Let your doctor know that you only want a script for AUVI-Q. Pharmacists should dispense prescriptions as written.

7. Do I need to bring a form with me to the pharmacy to get the AUVI-Q?

No, you do not need to bring the form. However, in the event that the pharmacist is charging you more than $0 and you are commercially insured or if the pharmacist says your insurance does not cover AUVI-Q, have them call 877-30-AUVIQ to ensure that you get your AUVI-Q for $0.

8. Why does my insurance say they won’t cover AUVI-Q, but the company says I can get it for free? 

Each insurance company covers AUVI-Q differently. At this time, regardless of your insurance coverage, if you are commercially insured, you qualify for AUVI-Q’s $0 program. See Spokin’s original piece on how to get AUVI-Q for $0 here.

9. Are both dosage strengths, 0.3mg and 0.15mg, available?  Were either pulled from the market? 

Both dosage strengths are available and on the market. Make sure you have the correct dosage, determined by weight.

10. My allergist is adamantly against prescribing me the AUVI-Q. What can I do if I prefer AUVI-Q?

You can and should insist on it.