A Letter From Our Founder

Welcome to Spokin, your new destination for all things food allergies. If there's one thing I know, it's that managing food allergies requires effort and time. I also know that connecting with others who have "been there" has been invaluable in helping me navigate food allergies for my daughter. Finding that experienced person and their great advice isn't as easy as it should be and like everything else in my life, I want a faster, easier, better way to get what I need. 

Susie and her daughter on NBC Chicago

Susie and her daughter on NBC Chicago

Our mission is to build the ultimate food allergy resource. A go-to spot to provide just what you need, when you need it, regardless of your experience level. If you are newly diagnosed and not sure where to start, looking for a quick list of allergy-friendly restaurants for spring break or preparing for major milestones like how to handle kissing (eek) and colleges, your search is over. Spokin will keep you in the know, #wegotthis.

Less time searching means more time to get on with the fun parts of life. If we can take work off your overflowing plate, then we have done our job.


Our Mission

Spokin is a consumer health startup building the easiest way to manage food allergies. Food allergies affect 15 million people — including one out of every 13 children — in the United States. This chronic condition requires 24/7 vigilance. Our mission is to take much of the time and effort out of navigating food allergies by doing the work for you.

Spokin's digital platform and mobile app (coming in 2017) will help community members find top-rated, food allergy-friendly resources such as restaurants, hotels and products, and keep people informed about the latest treatments, research and food recalls.

Founder and CEO Susie Hultquist worked for decades as a professional public equity investor and co-founded FARE Chicago in 2008. Spokin raised $1.6 million in funding during its first year and has partnerships with some of Chicago’s premier organizations including The University of Chicago, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Lurie Children’s Hospital and Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia).

Why Spokin?

Susie came up with the name Spokin by combining the words “spoken” and “kinship.” Her company hopes to capture the spoken advice shared between people navigating food allergies that vanishes once the conversation is over and celebrate the kinship felt by those living with this chronic health issue.